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In combustion laboratory...

Combustion is the most common and efficient method to obtain energy from fossil fuels. Combustion engineering is an academy that deals with the reaction in a system from the perspective of analysis of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, which have been significant subjects in mechanical engineering. Although the human history of using combustion phenomena has been longer than hundreds of thousand years, the history of combustion analysis has been less than one hundred years.


Our efforts in this area have recently focused on developing suitable models that can describe flame characteristics under various internal and surrounding conditions. They have been improved with the help of progress in computation and optical diagnostic techniques. Nevertheless, our knowledge in this area is limited to some typical conditions such as room temperature, atmospheric pressure, laminar, stoichiometric, and gas phase.


Thus, our ignorance in this area becomes clearer when we meet many actual combustion phenomena that are extremely far from the typical combustion conditions explained in some texts. The combustion theories still need to be resolved. This is happy news for a curious researcher. Furthermore, the recent industry requires combustion technology at such extreme conditions in many ways. Based on this background, our laboratory has a long-term technical goal for combustion technologies in extreme conditions. It has a long-term academic goal of developing a general combustion theory.

After graduation...

About 70% of the energy consumption comes from fossil fuels, and about 70% of the energy conversion is still concerned with combustion techniques. Despite the efforts to utilize renewable energy in the world, combustion technology is still expected to take a key role even in the next 50 years. Furthermore, Korea is a representative country with heavy industrial environments of intensive energy consumption. In contrast,  a human source in Korea related to energy is deficient compared to the other developed countries. Thus, the students who learn combustion will have brighter and broad career prospects in the future...

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