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Invited Talk & Workshop


* IT: Invited Talk

* IKS: Invited Keynote Speech

* JW: Joint Workshop

* ASPACC: Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion

* ACTS: Asian Conference on Thermal Science

* ISEES: International Society of Energy Environment and Sustainability

2021.12.29. (IT)  "H2 Oxy-combustion at high pressure: a long term future technology" 6th ISEES (India, Hybrid mode) (12.27-29)

2021.12.08. (IKS) "Laminar flame structures in meso-scale experiments" 13th ASPACC (Abu Dhabi, UAE) (12.4-9)

2021.11.17. (IT)  "Some essential concepts for GT flame stabilization"  International Symposium on Carbon Neutral Gas Turbine (KAIST, Korea)

2021.10.04. (IKS) "Introduction to the Thermal Effects on Flame Dynamics" 2nd ACTS (Miyazaki, Japan)  (10.3-7)

2019.11.21. (IT)   "An experimental journey to quest for a general structure of laminar flames" 57th Japanese Combustion Symposium (Sapporo, Japan)

2018.12.17. (IT)   "Introduction to the dombustion instability and measurment of emulsion properties" YSR 2018 (KAIST)

2018.10.23. (IT)   "What is different and Why is happy MHPS-KAIST research collaboration" Seoul Japan Club (Seoul)

2018.01.25. (IT)   "Flame Seed: the origin of flame structures" Nat. Tsing Hua Univ. (Taiwan)

2015.10.28. (IT)   "Young Researchers can grab a global-collatboration Opportunity through the Liason Office (KAIST)" 12th ICFD (Tohoku Univ. at Sendai, Japan)

2015.01.13. (IT)   "Structural Transition of Laminar Flames" (at Tohoku Univ. Japan)

2014.09.18  (IT)  "Opposed Flow Flames in a Meso-scale Channel" (at Kumamoto Univ. Japan)

2014.04.18  (IT)  "Flame Structures and Dynamics in Meso-scale Combustion Spaces" (at Tohoku Univ. Japan)

2016.03.04. (JW)   "Flame Seed: the origin of flame structures" KAIST-Tokyo Tech. Joint Workshop (at KAIST, Korea)

2016.02.26. (JW)   "Concentration-Length-Velocity Diagram for Understanding Laminar Premixed Flames" KAIST-Kumamoto Univ. Joint Workshop (at KAIST, Korea)

2015.10.19. (JW)   "Introduction to Combustion laboratory" KAIST-ITB Joint Workshop (at KAIST, Korea)

2015.10.10. (JW)   "Flame Propagation and Structures in Small Scale Spaces" 2nd KAIST-XJTU Joint Workshop (at Xi'an, China)

2014.08.19  (JW)  "Meso-scale Combustion" (KAIST-XJTU Joint Workshop at KAIST)

2014.03.20  (JW)  "Measurment of Laminar Burning Velocity and Quenching Distance using Meso-scale Combustion Phenomena" (KAIST-Kumamoto Univ. Joint Workshop at KAIST)


2022.08.10. (IT)   "연소시스템 성능등가해석과 머신러닝 기반 미세먼지 저감" (필즈엔지니어링, 서울, Korea)

2021.12.21. (IT)   "수소 연소시스템 설계 기술 (수소 연소 특성 연구와 설계 반영)" (전력연구원, 대전, Korea)

2018.01.15. (IT)   "열/유체 기계기술과 N차 산업혁명의 균형점 찾기(2차강연)" 한온시스템 (본사, 대전 컨벤션센터, Korea)

2017.11.24. (IT)   "열/유체 기계기술과 N차 산업혁명의 균형점 찾기" 한온시스템 (연구소, 대전, Korea)

2017.04.27. (IT)   "초임계 CO2 사이클을 위한 순산소연소와 연소불안정성" (전력연구원, 대전, Korea)

2015.11.10. (IT)   "화염 구조의 이해와 응용" (현대중공업 중앙기술원, 울산, Korea)

2015.05.14. (IT)   "Structural Transition of Laminar Flames" (at UNIST, Korea)

2015.07.16. (JW)   "Current Combustion Studies in KAIST" (연소기술 workshop, 안동, Korea)

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